Approx Charge to Clean (hardwood) and method

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May 16, 2015
Rahway NJ
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Gregory Yunginger
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United States
Whats up guys,got a request to clean a Hardwood floor in a Church,1 level,Clean only they are going to put down new carpet on top. 2,700 square feet. My Lindhaus is still down for repair plus I think it would think it would take forever to do this job . Was thinking of getting a Hardwood floor wand to use with my porty. Figuring putting solution into tank ,and not pre spray. I never cleaned hardwood floors with a porty,only using the Libdhaus.


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May 7, 2011
Winston-Salem, North Carolina
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Kenneth Long
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United States
Why are they cleaning hardwood if they are slapping carpet over it????
Anyway, if you have a 175 and a wet dry vac you can do it fairly quickly. Use the Hydro-Force Wood Fresh, a pump sprayer and spray the solution on a 12 x 12 area. Scrub it with a maroon pad and then suck up the slurry. You can then rinse with plain water and suck it up with the wet/dry vacuum. Let it dry. Collect your money.

I would charge about $0.30 sq ft.