Anyone using downstream injection?

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Aug 31, 2008
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So, if I'm understanding you, you have no chemical injector whatsoever? How in the world is the chemical being drawn into the system? I'm totally at a loss. Is the pump itself somehow drawing it and you're using the Dwyer to restrict it? If that actually works I wonder why nobody else on earth has figured that out or maybe they just enjoy making these machines as difficult as humanly possible to work on! :banghead: Prochem, Hydramaster, Chemtex, and all the rest sure haven't made these chemical systems simple or easy to work on. I'm VERY interested in your solution.
It is a very simple system and has been used by many cleaners and manufacturers over the years.
The pump draws water (suction). By placing a regulator on the incoming water line to the pump you restrict or starve the water flow to the pump a little. When you starve the pump a little it is forced to draw it from elsewhere. In this case it draws it through a 2nd. line which is hooked to a dwyer meter and then the chemical jug.
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