FB Anyone use of evolution wand ? If so what are your thoughts ?


Nate Howard

Sold both of ours (2 and 4 jet). Could never gauge the suction with them, and I didn't like how difficult they were to clean inside the head (debris, hair, ect). A personal preference thing probably, but I like a bit of a heavier wand myself.

Jason Dahl

I have a 6 jet 2" that still has the stock glide. Suction is hard to gauge, but using my newly rebuilt CA porty I can visually see that it does an awesome job of recovery. Long term I plan to replace the glide with a Green Glide to hopefully reduce chatter on CGD.

Manuel Olvera

For sale
I thought about getting one for a few years, then got the opportunity to use a fellow carpet cleaner’s 2 jet 1.5 inch Evolution for a couple of days. It performed great on Berber and other residential piles. The weight factor sold it for me. Bought one for myself a few years ago and have loved it.