Anyone need a cheap backup unit?


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Jan 2, 2014
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So... I have a customer who's having really serious health issues and his wife brought in his unit to cover his outstanding bill. I don't have any room to store it and I'm just going to get rid of it, as is, a.s.a.p.
He did auto detailing for a bunch of local dealers and RV cleaning. He was not a carpet cleaner.

Here's everything I know about it....

Steam Way Master-Matic 4000

Diesel / Kerosene fired 12 volt fired burner. Powered by it's own designated alternator, belt driven off of the engine output shaft. The burner assembly was completely rebuilt in my shop about four months ago. It runs really quiet and smooth and if you didn't stick your hand by it's exhaust you wouldn't even know it was running.

Drive coupler was replaced at the same time and any questionable wiring was replaced.

Gardner Denver, Sutorbilt Legend 3lvp Blower, Link to Specs:

AR Solution Pump, Rated at 1595 psi, 3 gpm, I have no idea when it had it's last rebuild but, it tested fine. Could probably use a new belt.

New regulator / unloader and flow switch installed at time of burner rebuild.

It has a 5000 psi pressure gauge on it, I would recommend replacing it with a 3000 psi gauge as it would be more accurate at the lower end of the scale.

18 hp Kohler Command motor, The hour meter reads 4200. It runs good but I would definitely recommend a complete tune and filters to give yourself a reference point for future maintenance. It has a small amount of oil migrating down from the top of the motor somewhere. I did not steam clean it to locate the leak but I can tell you it is not from the rear seal. It's probably valve cover gaskets but, you should repair it along with the tune up.

The machine has no waste tank as it had a crack in the seam. I didn't think it would be worth the shipping charge to send it anywhere because it would require it's own pallet. It also does not have any vac or solution hose.

The frame and paint are in really nice shape with no rust, fading or peeling anywhere.

Included are two fuel cells, one for gas and one for burner fuel. Both marine grade with primer bulbs.

New battery included.

Small footprint of 30" wide x 36" deep

So... now you know as much about it as I do. I would love to get 1,600 for it to cover his bill.
Let me know if you're interested and I will text you some pictures. I can't seem to get my phone to communicate with this damn windows 8.1 to post pictures.

Again... being sold as is. I can ship it anywhere in the country as long as you have a dock at your end.