Anyone know a alternative to this item its kind of like a power washer called Kaivac 500 psi pump


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Aug 20, 2020
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Shan gowent
I am thinking of buying this pump unit called Omniflex spray and go Kaivac 500 psi pump, it is a portable and small unit that is a 500 psi pump that has a hose that goes into the water/chem and shoots it out at 500 psi. You just plug it in.

I think it is interesting due to no need for water hose, it is portable-small self-contained unit can attach to say a mop bucket or whatever and spray and go.

The problem (to me) is the cost and warranty. The thing costs 2, 400.00 not including spray guns etc. and only a 1 year warranty.

Anyone know something out there that is similar like this? I tried google but it comes up a 500 psi pump but not self-contained like this.


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