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Anyone in Oregon dreaming to run his own business? Turn key opportunity for the right owner operator!


Jan 7, 2019
Halsey, Oregon
Real Name
David Del Valle
Here is an opportunity for someone who needs to expand. Or for someone new in Oregon Wanting independence to own and run your own business in carpet cleaning, tile & grout floors and much more in the hard surface cleaning, care and restoration. I am negotiable and willing to offer you two options:
1. Buy all the equipment and build your own business model at $35K
2. I can sell you equipment, train you based on the business model I built my customer base and introduce you to my best customers and provide you all the financials and customer list (this is value added at a higher price. Specially if you live and operate in my Oregon area. I operated in the Eugene to Salem and areas in between. It is a great area and there is a need for quality operators that are all into customer service. My focus was on high end residential as well as solid commercial accounts.)

I ran a successful family owned and operated hard surface floors and carpet cleaning business for 3 years. My wife, my two young sons and I started this business from ground cero, working mainly part time, while I also ran a couple of other businesses. Our business model was built around two simple concepts treat the customer as an extended part of our family while giving them the best service while teaching my two young sons a hands on education of how to run a business in a professional manner while learning valuable lessons for life. We did this while my wife who was a teacher home-schooled them. I lost my help to a good cause. My two sons are now pursuing bigger dreams. Sadly Health issues have forced me to give up my cleaning business at a time when it was growing, I did not want to turn this business over to become employee run.
My Truckmount is a Sapphire Scientific TMT 870. Very impressive machine that has the option of having two techs do large jobs in a minimal amount time. I can send list of all equipment and pictures to anyone interested. It has been well maintained at in Portland.
Please feel free to reach out to me for more specific details or questions you may have
541-974-3310. Thank you!


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