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Patrick Knapp

Anyone here have a nissan N2500 or N3500 and if so how do you like it? Pros and cons

Shane Oates

Nissan make great vehicles, had a 350z,370z, Titan( same platform and drivetrain) and the smaller brother van NV200. Never had issues other than wear and tear

Jeff Millar

Ugliest and biggest gas hogs of all the high tops on the market. Well made and solid though.

David Marquez

Just got a NV 2500 and love it! It's cons are it's has the least amount of cubic feet then the other vans. On the flip side it's got a lot of room in the cab and I like the way the dash is setup. I got the V6 and I don't feel like it's weak or sluggish, feels like truck. Anyways time will tell but so far so good!

clean slate

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Apr 15, 2011
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A lot of pros some cons though . Better fuel milage than expected , price point over sprinter ,unreal comfort and technology package ,lots of gadgets, super big break drums vs tiny on firs and dodge . Not as ugly as dodge ha! .

Cons-- terrible turning radius , 2500 is starting to sag in the rear as I ad Moe weight (time for timbren or air bags ) can't use navy as u drive ha!