Anyone have interest in a used Blueline Bluewave truck mount ?

Dec 10, 2018
Real Name
Mark Argyris
Just a tad over 3800 hrs. Kubota 3 cylinder gas. Pulling it out of one of our trucks and putting in our other Blueline Thermal Wave II HP in place of it. Ran when we pulled the rig from service for maintenance but has some issues. Probably needs radiator and generator (have new one just haven't installed), throttle controller & I'm sure some other misc. things I'm not remembering at the moment. Was going to do a partial rebuild ie. previously mentioned items, paint, decals, hoses and what not and then sell but if someone needs one on the cheap let me know what your thinking as far as offers go. Been a rock solid machine for us just at that point where she needs some love...DSCN1587.JPG