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Anyone ever use this wand?

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Sep 19, 2010
Yorba Linda
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mike mitts
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I think this is the same kind of wands the yellow trucks use...I'm not really sure. I got this for $60.00 a few weeks ago and laughed when I tried to use it. It came with 067 jets. 5 of them. Well no worries about over wetting there. I swapped them out to 02's for a 10 flow and a world of differance but thats not what I am impressed with. It's the airflow that made my jaw drop. I have no way to measure a wand at the head for airflow but its a huge differance. Yesterday I cleaned my living room. Did 4 sections 4 wands. All 15 inchers. An old aw29 s wand 15 inch pmf 15 prochem and this wand.same truckmount 150 ft vac line same prespray no agitation. Dry test was toilet paper stapled to back of stiff cardboard. The s wand and pmf were both about 3 hours the prochem was just shy of 4 hours. This wand aced it at a few minutes less than 2 hours (1 hour 53 minutes)f . All wands did one dry pass and no extra air movement was used. All wands are also set up at 10 flow. I would love to measure these at the head but have no way to do so at this time.


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Feb 13, 2010
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That’s awesome. How heavy is that wand?