FB Anyone else did into decorative concrete work?...


Paris Bayardo

Sonof Prepmaster sales the best tools for prep work. We have a 440# we just got and have produced some pretty awesome work. We also did some dye work. Here's a pic of what Robert let us do here in Las Vegas.

Terry Kondzich

Joe, I am in Augusta we should do lunch one day!!


Jul 4, 2021
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I'm looking to get into stamped concrete. I have a client thats wants about 300sqft of sidewalk stamped(seamless). I feel like it might be a good job to try stamping for the first time.

I am a little hesitant because no one on my crew has experience stamping(including me).

I'm trying to think of everything that could go wrong and if it would be worth doing it.

My other option would be to wait until I can bring someone on site that has more experience. However, I'm not to sure how many simple sidewalk-only jobs there will be. I think I might be more comfortable stamping a side walk on my own than a decent size patio with someone more experienced.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Mainly what can go wrong, what to
look for, what can be fix and what cant be fixed.