Anybody Used An Auto Mop Machine?

BD janitorial

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Oct 18, 2017
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Brad Dorner
2 customers have large luxury vinyl type flooring and the vac & mopping w/microfiber pads just isn't cleaning the floors. Been looking into auto mop systems which spreads floor cleaner from the front of the unit and then vac up the solution from the rear of the unit thru a microfiber pad.
The other machine is a square scrub which states it can be used on luxury vinyl-I think you apply floor cleaner with microfiber mop then run the square scrub which sits on top of a microfiber pad which picks up the floor cleaner.
Both of these machines are light weight or can be broken down into 2-3 parts.
i have looked at a floor scrubber, smaller unit to clean under desks, tables but not take all night to clean a larger area like 1500-2500 sq ft
The last option is a Tennent I-mop 18 inch of dual brushes + solution dispenser + vac up solution--only battery models = costs $4K.
I hope your business is picking up. Some customers are returning but not to FULL SERVICES mainly at 2X per month.
Brad BD Janitorial
P.S. Have been getting some leads + new business thru to join only pay for the leads you bid on and also a way to see which areas are generating leads