FB Anybody Seen This? I attempted cleaning this today..First with Groutmaster & Then Viper Venom..It


Joseph Neese

Anybody Seen This? I attempted cleaning this today..First with Groutmaster & Then Viper Venom..It was looking better but not great..I couldn't tell if it was dirt or a natural rock look in the grout areas..Anyway, after scrubbing about 15- 20 min As soon as started to move the Sx-12 it wouldn't budge..It was like it was stuck to the floor and like the Tile and Grout cleaners had turned to a sticky Gel..It took about an hour to rinse it & during the process I noticed many areas that looked like shedding wax or something. Anyway, I put down citrus & scrubbed it all again with a Oreck & White Pad..some of it came up but it still looks terrible... Please advise: Thanks in advance for any tips or suggestions...I was at this job for 7Hrs..Feeling like an idiot..Never had this happen before but I haven't cleaned many floors like this..Usually the standard looking tile & grout with no issues!




Tony Wratchford

That's concrete. With multiple coats of wax. Two things. First. All the wax will not come off that, some has soaked into the floor. Strip the hell out of it. Then put a finish on it like hnc wet look from Sherwin williams

Nick DeBellis

WTF all you guys are talking like floor guys......all you need to do is strip it to natural state and seal with a low gloss sealer, not wax, Again not wax. Visite a concert supplier they have the best products , not a home depot or Lowes. Mask area and roll on two coats . Area to small to charge by the square foot. You are not going to make the historic type of money you have in the past. Just think of it as an education. School cost money. You will be ready next time. Good luck. Never show your pain to a customer be the champ. No pain, no pain.......

Anthony Sparks Jr.

Identification is key. This looks like slate a natural stone. 99 percent of customers have no idea on how to properly care for natural stone. Its porous and the sealers have to be formulated to alow the stone to breath. I suspect the coating thats on it may be a lacquer which is the reason your cleaning products are having little effect. The flaking is some of it penetrating that causes haze. This type of cleaning falls under a restoration projects and the customer may not know what type of sealer is on the floor. Educate the customer bid high for restoration and if your not sure on how to restore always have your networking business partners you can refer instead of "walking away".