FB Any you guys have lower back pain? I noticed...


Tony Burke

Everyday. Chiropractor helps for a few days. It seems to be getting worse as I get older. I'm at the point where I have to roll out of bed in the morning because I can't sit up. It gets better as the day goes along, then the cycle starts all over again.

Robert Bills

Use a wand with Teflon glides. Clean right & left sides as equally as you can. Get a whirlpool jetted bath tub. Use it everyday after work. Jets pointed to back.. Hottest h2o you can stand. Use a back brace ( google saunders back braces. Look like bike shorts). Ice as needed. Sleep on back with pillows under your thighs to align your spine. Hire a helper. Just some thoughts

Chad Kerkvliet

I did expensive beds, every new tool known to man in the cc world, chripractor and massages. The only thing that actually helped me is my diet and exercise. When I fall off one or the other or both, I feel like he'll and want to pop muscle relaxers so I can't feel it.

Adam Mcalpine

Work your core, homey. Planks help. Easiest way to help, no joke, push ups, but keep your ass clenched. Like you got Michael Camacho on your six with that "special" look in his eyes

Andy Bufano

I have been cleaning for many a year.. I have had rotator cuff surgery, chiropractors forever, back massage seems to last longest, but exercise and diet are key for me. The latest thing I found is that the side affects from cholesterol meds can really cause problems for your muscles.. don't overlook this if your on statins of any type.