Another Radio interview today 1-12-2015

Mark Saiger

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May 27, 2007
Grand Rapids, MN
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Mark Saiger
Hey Everyone.
Tonight I am doing a live radio show here in St. Petersburg FL with a fellow cleaner Paul Etheridge.

The show is "Service is in the Details".

If any of my friends and clients are interested, this is the information.

You can call in questions or comments (which would really be great) :) or even type in questions at the website during the live show
The time is 6 pm EST (or for my Grand Rapids MN friends 5 pm Central)

Here are the links....Hope to see you at the show:) .

Mark Saiger
"Bring on the Blue!"

Kevin carpet cleaner

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Dec 5, 2013
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Kevin Volk
Did you get it for free or is a payed thing. I do not know if I would ask people on here to phone in, last thing you need is an argument on the air with someone who has just enough information to be dangerous. Good luck