Amazing Rotowash Whittaker R4

Ionic Fresh

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Feb 5, 2012
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Eddy Spakeli
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I recently bought 3 of these from a facility I clean for in almost new condition for $100 each. They are heavy, well built and do an excellent job pre-scrubbing and encap. Side by side with my Brushpro 20 (paid $3000 plus) on several jobs, the R4 did a better job encapping and scrubbing, due to the extra weight.

Just like the brushpro, you have several options on the brushes. The only disadvantage is that the R4 does not pick dry soil compared to the brushpro and its a bit heavy for residential. The R4 beats my brushpro in one other area, it picks liquids. The R4s all came with a solution tank, transport cart but no brushes. A TMF member was kind enough to point me where I can buy brushes. Not trying to bash the brushpro, I love it so much and would never give it up.