Am I overbuying? Event rental company


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Dec 27, 2022
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David Rosenblatt
Hey All -

I own an event rental company that puts out home furnishings (among other things) for corporate events and weddings. We are diligent about keeping our pieces in tip top shape so that they can last 3+ years. This past year we had a few "casualties" because we couldn't get our local professional cleaners out to address them in time and our small hand held residential machine wasn't able to mitigate the problem.

Given that our local provider has increased their prices (understandable but annoying) and that we want to control the destiny of our pieces, I'm committed to buy the right machine that can help us keep our sofas, chairs, rugs, etc, clean when they come back with issues from an event. The forums have been infinitely helpful and educational, but also make me fear that I might not get enough machine for the jobs I need. I was originally hoping to stay under the $2K mark, but from what I read from everyone's experience I don't want to be left with a machine that can't always do the job.

I have recently landed on the MyTee LTD5-LX Speedster for $2600+ from WebrestaurantStore, but is this too much machine for what I need. I am still searching for a wand, so any input would be appreciated too!

Here is our expected use case:
  1. About 2 - 3 hours / week run time
  2. Mostly used on low pile area rugs, white chairs/ottomans/sofas, spot cleaning dirty drape
  3. Wine and coffee are our biggest offenders, but we see all sorts of stains come back.
  4. Most addressable areas on furniture are less than a dinner plate sizing. Clean up for carpets can vary from spilled drink to all around dirt extraction.
  5. Efficiency is important to me so that my team can quickly deploy the machine and therefore be more compelled to use it
  6. Everything will be done in our warehouse, but I would lean to more light and portable. However, this is not a deal breaker
  7. Distance from the machine to the piece can be a small as 3' and can easily be kept under 10' (especially if it is lighter)
Am I headed in the right direction with the new LX pump LTD5? Or am I buying too much machine that will only burden the team to use it.

Thanks in advance if you made it this far!