Am Curious About Lift And CFM When Adding A Vac Booster

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Jul 15, 2013
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Michael Comfort
I own a Cross-American Power Booster which is the inline type. With for instance my Jaguar 6.6.
It has a 2 stage 6.6 rather than a single stage which some others are using in their power boosters.
Anyway when I hook it up for instance at 100 feet and add another 50 feet I have basically 3 X 6.6 2 stage
vacuum motors. Each motor rated 625 air watts, 139.5 cfms and 131"water lift. Although my own testing
I did get at least 139 cfms but lift was depending on which day ranged from 117-122"water lift. Setup like that and
my drying times were very fast ! The new design of the CA Power Booster is idiot proof and so simple to hook
up inline..
I believe that there is a few threads on here showing how to make one. I'm new to this as well, so not sure how to find it.

Yeah, I'd love to do that.. but how the hell do you build those booster boxes? Can anyone give me a dumbmies step by step on how to build a booster box? I would just want the one 5.7" vac in it though. What are all the components/bits and pieces that are required. My brother is quite handy at that sort of thing, but I'd need to relay the information to him about what is required.


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Jun 17, 2015
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Benn Heath
I should also mention that when I tried to stop the airflow by covering hose opening. The water lift was stronger than what the machine was made for. I had tape on hoses, glued the cuffs to hose and check for air leaks. I could not stop all the air leaks, That is why when the vacuum motors were in series, the ball in tube did not drop like a rock, as it did in the 2 vac parallel set up test.

Is it a good idea to glue the cuffs to hoses? Is there really air leaks?

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Sep 17, 2008
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Jan Sullins
Benn actually the Jaguar is setup in a parallel configuration. Basically with vacuum sealed it has approximately 120 inches of water lift..
As far as cfms the Jaguar 6.6 measured and tested by me with an anemometer(cfm guage) using a 4 inch diameter tunnel
provides 280 cfms . I am not the scientist like Greg is but I can read numbers. I also tested it with the inline power booster
which has the same 6.6 2 stage as is in the Jaguar. With about 25 ft of 2 inch diameter vacuum hose I got 415 cfms. I have
also tested it with two small Electro 2 stages #660033s(95"lift 97cfms each ) in series with the two Jaguars 6.6s and the lift
increased to 170" water lift. By this time I had broken my anemometer so I could not measure cfms. Likely would have increased
cfms by may 5-10% according to what others have tested. So each 033 vacuum motors together only draw 14 amps under load
and the inline CA Power Booster 6.6 draws about 12.5 amps under load. The question could be which is the most effective way
on boosting an extractor like the Jaguar 6.6/8.4 ,Mytee Ltd etc...
To answer your question about how much lift do you get if you added in series providing 100" lift,you should increase the lift
of extractor by about 60-70% of vac boosters sealed vacuum .So in your case 60 to 70 inches of lift . Jim Morrow is the one
who has been using his Jaguar 8.4 with a similar vacuum booster that I made with Electro 2 stages and he increased his
lift up to about 180". He could tell he was getting more performance because he was getting heavier particles in his waste tank
than not using his in series power booster. In my opinion both types are very helpful. In my case I was doing a lot of commercial
requiring 150 to 200 feet of vacuum hose. Adding the inline power booster with its 140 cfms worked extrememly well for me. Jim on the
otherhand does a lot of residential and rarely exceeds 125 feet . Both boosters work well . I think it is a matter of type of work and
to a certain extent preference. In either case you are adding vacuum to the bottom line.
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