All this mask crap is just like

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Jun 16, 2020
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This place is hilarious.
Most threads turn into a bunch of inbred , hillbilly piglets talking about how much they hate non whites.
I'll give it to Rob. He knows his target audience :D
Before BLM I never gave a thought what's so ever about people's color. At Canterbury park most of my best friends are black. We enjoy each other's company we bet the horses and have a fun time. This year I did floors for Indian restaurants, Vietnamese restaurants etc I enjoyed talking to the owners. Under the skin we are all the same. What difference does it make if someone has a different skin tone. My view on BLM is that I see it as a race divider not a uniter. I watched old TV shows this week from the 60's back then it even was all racist this racist that. 60 years later it still is a issue and probably will be for the rest of our lives. Racist racist racist it's getting old.
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Jan 12, 2010
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Dear Mayor Ginther;

As your City page notes and as I've been following the Governor has decided that mayors and other political subdivisions may issue "mask orders" related to Covid-19.

As a resident of Franklin county with my home within the Columbus city limits where I also own a business and patronize various establishments I must lodge a strong protest against any such order.

I have no quarrel with people choosing to wear masks, should they so decide. But there is a very serious difference indeed between a recommendation or request and an order.

The science on face masks when it comes to influenza-type viral illnesses is conclusive -- there is no evidence whatsoever that masks work either as source control (on someone who is sick) or to protect you from others.

We have tried to solve that problem with seasonal flu, which kills roughly 60,000 Americans a year, for decades with good reason. Preventing seasonal flu would save the nation tens or even hundreds of billions in lost productivity from sick employees alone, never mind those who die from the flu every year.

The problem is that we've never been able to do it.

Multiple random controlled trials, the "gold standard" for medical testing, have been performed on masks when it comes to preventing viral flu and cold transmission. Exactly zero of those trials have reached statistical significance showing that in a community setting masks are effective to reduce the risk of transmission of any respiratory virus. (Ref:

In addition physics strongly suggests that they should not work. Virtually all of the transmission of aerosol viruses occur through water vapor which is fully suspended in the air. These particles are smaller than the size of the gaps in all masks; only an N95 can stop any material percentage of them, and a single one of them that is contaminated carries enough viral material to result in an infection. This is why we have a "flu season"; absolute humidity, which rises with temperature, causes that vapor to more-frequently agglomerate together into larger drops which then fall harmlessly to the ground. In the winter less of this occurs.

Incidentally the persistence of Covid-19 into the summer strongly suggests it is being transmitted through surfaces, not the air, as it is not responsive to this pattern that physics tells us must occur, and every virus studied and proved to be transmitted through respiratory vapor and drops has adhered to. Covid-19 is too new for that work to be complete; all we have right now is a presumption, which the science in fact strongly suggests is wrong, that it is primarily transmitted this way.

Indeed the CDC itself has published and endorsed an article intended for the WHO which makes clear that masks are worthless in the general population. I quote, from May of this year, which is found directly on the CDC web page: (cite below)


I further note that the lack of effectiveness of masks is confirmed by the FDA itself including their recent "extended use" authorization found here: While the FDA tries to dance on the head of a pin to "justify" their order during April when N95s and surgical masks for health-care workers were under severe strain in the supply chain the fact of the matter is that they state quite-clearly that any such device for sale to the common public has no evidence of effectiveness.

I quote directly from this document, which is in reference and conformance to the Food Drug and Cosmetic Act (Title 21 USC) that makes illegal the advertising, marketing or other claims related to any drug or device that has not been proved both safe and effective for its intended use. This is a very important protection in that the claims made in marketing, or on the packaging itself, of any device intended for a medical purpose must be truthful and may not make unsubstantiated claims. Specifically, the FDA states quite clearly in the front of the order that they are fully aware that their permission to sell said devices is a placebo driven by a severe supply shortage in the medical supply chain without which hospitals may have, at that time, collapsed; that is, there is no scientific evidence of effectiveness. This is proved by the following requirement found in said document, an official order of the FDA:


How can Columbus, with a straight face, issue an order to county or city residents and visitors to wear a device that the very government agency charged with regulation of safety and effectiveness requires that manufacturers of said device not make any claim that the very device being demanded is in fact effective to any degree whatsoever while at the same time they have said "well, it might help in some unknown degree" and the CDC itself, the alleged authority on infectious disease in the United States, has concurrently stated that there is no science supporting the use of masks by the general public.

That is like telling someone they can sell a thing called a "smoke detector" for homes and you must install them but the manufacturer can't claim or infer that it actually detects smoke on the packaging or otherwise, and in fact the science related to such device proves that it is no more capable of alerting you to a fire than an empty plastic box.

If you tried to issue such an order it would be met with flat-out laughter by every single citizen in the county. Even worse, some people might not be as careful with candles in their house as they would be otherwise, thinking they're protected -- and burn their house down or die as a result.

In addition to the peals of laughter that would result from such an order you would destroy your own credibility. What happens the next time around when the science is on the other side proving effectiveness and nobody believes you?

That I may believe that a visit to a voodoo practitioner to lay a hex on someone "may help to some degree" does not, of course, mean that anything beyond money leaving my wallet will actually occur if I make such a visit.

Again, I do not care if others wish to wear masks because they believe that doing so will help them. We do not in the United States tell someone they must go to Church or, if they choose to, which Church they must go to or to what faith they must ascribe. My belief in Christ does not compel you to hold that belief or act in accordance with it. Likewise, if someone wishes to believe that in the face of the science to the contrary that putting a bandana or other item over their face will stop them from getting or transmitting a virus they're free to believe that even though the science says otherwise.

But to issue an order that carries the force of law and, one would imagine, some sort of sanction, evidence is required.

Further, there is a balance of harms that is being ignored here. Some percentage of people would want those around them to wear masks and to wear masks themselves, simply out of fear -- whether rational or not. However, the majority of the population appears to be of the exact opposite persuasion in my experience over the last few months in this county. How much economic damage will you cause by issuing such an order for a device that doesn't work and that both the FDA and CDC know don't work and clearly so-state?

This is quite-arguably what might be the busiest weekend of the summer, second only perhaps to Labor Day. Exactly how do you expect businesses to survive if you anger those who might otherwise choose to come visit and they decide to stay home or go somewhere else? We've already scared off a lot of people; traffic is way, way below normal levels for this time of year as I'm sure you're aware. Cedar Point and Kings Island have imposed a mask mandate, drastically cut capacity and requires reservations. The entire next three days on their web page -- over the 4th of July weekend -- show high availability! In other words even with the cut in capacity THE PARK IS EMPTY. That's crazy -- for one of the busiest weekends of the year for Parks and Ohio tourism arguably the largest and most-important attractions in our state are not going to be anywhere near full even though they're operating at a fraction of their capacity? Do you really think their mask rules aren't at least partially responsible for that and the threat of same isn't at least partially responsible for the empty hotel rooms?

How many businesses and jobs will you permanently destroy if you further crank down the screws with a mask mandate? How many people who get put out of work and become destitute as a result will turn to drugs, alcohol or, God forbid, suicide? Will that number be fewer or more than will be harmed by Covid if you do not issue said order? Have you considered the number of people who will die not from Covid-19, but from the economic effects you cause with such an order?

Public health is a serious matter and so is issuing orders and mandates. But all such mandates must be balanced against economic effects and the public health impact of those economic changes. Remember that without business, especially here, there is no no public health because there is no tax revenue to pay for it, among many other services that residents and business owners alike expect. In addition dead is dead; if I die of Covid-19 or I commit suicide because the business I worked for has been destroyed and I cannot make the rent or put food on my table I'm still dead.

As a adult male of 42 I'm certainly not a 20 year old; if I get this bug it could be bad. But that's my risk, and as an adult I accept the totality of the circumstances when I make my decision to go out or not, to engage in a particular activity or not. I wish to continue to engage in that discretionary spending within this county and at its businesses, which not only employ people here in Ohio but also fund infrastructure and other government activities via both direct (e.g. sales) and indirect (e.g ad-valorem taxes on commercial property and various excise taxes on businesses that I patronize.) Given the Covid-19 situation I have focused my attention on local firms to a much greater extent than I normally would in support of them as Ohio is my home and where I intend to stay. Where I would typically be traveling frequently, even though many places I'd like to go are open, I am choosing to stay here and support local enterprises instead.

However, I will not engage in what amounts to voodoo-style religious observance in order to do so under force of law.

Mask and other similar mandates destroy the very character of the interactions and experience that form an essential part of the value of, as just one example, dining in a restaurant. Never mind the outrageous discomfort that comes with wearing any sort of facial covering in our present 90 degree heat. Should you attempt to force me to do so I will snap my wallet shut and instead of going out to eat or have a beer I will enjoy one of the 300+ DVD and BluRay movies I have in my collection right here at home, spending no more than I need to buy some hot dogs and charcoal for the grill. If the local firms I patronize today go under and are forced to fire all their staff that will be unfortunate, but the direct cause of their failure and the empty commercial real estate will be your action.

In this I'm sure I am not alone whether it's myself as a resident or persons considering traveling here as potential tourists.

You may reach me if you'd like to discuss this matter further at (phone removed).


Well , clearly Spazz, you underestimated our fine mayor.


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Jun 18, 2020
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Ok. Look at fauci the so called expert before the virus came to America he said it was nothing to worry about. Once it arrives he and his ilk said you can only get it from touching something that had the virus on it. This rat face said you can't get it from people breathing on you. Latter they make a 180 say don't worry about touching shopping carts etc now it's only person to person can you get it. My advice to you is if you are afraid stay inside don't go anywhere.
I haven't seen everything he's ever said so let's say for argument sake he did say at the very beginning that it "wasn't a big deal". At the begging the DNA hadn't been sequenced, the wildfire hadn't been lit, and all the deaths hadn't started their 120k person march across his desk. Maybe he was being optimistic.

You can't get it from breathing on each other. Its water droplets in the exhale that the virus is in, it isn't an airborne virus.

I've watched every press conference since mid March and they never EVER say You Cannot get it this way or that, they say that there have been no recorded cases of catching in whatever way. But they haven't once said oh don't worry you can only catch it directly from an infected person. Intermediary transmission has been the reason they talk about its life span on paper, wood, metal, glass and so on.

And my advice to folks that don't like mask then get ready to pay up because they're finally starting to fine y'alls asses for being so incredibly selfish and self absorbed.


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Dec 27, 2018
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Only after the infusion of Gaelic blood , you ignorant wretch.
Allah! actually get dumber with each successive post!

After Israel was destroyed, Zedekiah’s daughter brought the Stone of Destiny, Scepter, and David’s Throne through Scythia all the way to Scotland. The Scots still have all the records.


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Yer mother..... She was a foul mouthed bytch who liked it rough..... God, I miss her..... She's still got my wallet.....
Mike I just told your mother what you said about my mom, I think shes disappointed in you but i really couldnt understand what she was saying her mouth was full. Ill ask her again after she swallows to be sure.


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May 22, 2020
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Like Adam the first man. Christ was the 2nd Adam it wouldn’t surprise me if they were identical in appearance but yea not some Irish dude
Question ..... was Joesph the most under appreciated step father in literature ?

Literally the dude who taught Christ to ride a bike and he gets like two lines in the fukin book! :D
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