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Robert Allen

Alkaline or Acid rinse, whats better?

There are two trains thought in the industry. First off, if water is hard, an alkaline is best because the alkaline is used up as a softener making your prespray much more effective. Also if carpets are thrashed having a 1-2 punch (prespray+alk rinse) helps because once acid rinse hits the carpet it stops all cleaning power in most cases. However we added a surfactant to our new acid rinse and it helps in cleaning also.

Acid is good for soft hand, dropping ph and helps with urine. However many acids are resoilers. Our acid crystalizes so its a great choice when desired. However the cool thing is our Alkaline Rinse is 8ph and drops high ph presprays, strips away suspended dirt and prespray and cleans.

Alkaline can also be used as a "stand alone cleaner" on mild to medium soiling. If used in conjunction with a prespray then you use less prespray. You simply prespray the traffic areas, like in a den, hall and maybe by a kitchen entrance. Then you just clean everything with the alkaline rinse on so that under furniture, edges and traffic patterns get the proper clean they deserve.

There is no right or wrong. We made one of each in a powdered form. The alkaline softens, has encap ability and cleans like a beast. It also has a nice essential oil HoneySuckle Spice deodorizer built in that women love. So whether you use an alkaline or an acid, we got you covered. Covered with the highest quality ingredients, performance, free USPS shipping and our rock solid money back guarantee. Kyle Manor was one of our testers, he can attest to the alkaline.

So what do you use, alkaline or acidic? And why?

Alkaline link;

Acidic link;
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Matthew Strader

Well I’ve been using the tmf green prespray, so I haven’t needed a rinse. Which I like. But when I do, I prefer the alky rinse. And knowing that this alky rinse has an encapsulated component, I will be giving it a try.

Kevin Wilson

I always have both on my truck. I krep 2 jugs, mixed and ready to go. In fact, I keep a 3rd option too. Fiber Plus is right in the middle, and is a product that is overlooked by too many cleaners. It is 1 of the best products in our industry. Picking 1 rinse is just lazy. There is no magic chemical or rinse that is perfect for every situation.

Greg Allen

Alkaline rinse used with an Alkaline prespray... Isn't that the OPPOSITE of what we have learned for years? "When using an Alkaline prespray, use an acidic rinse to bring the carpet back to nearly pH 7, to minimize unnecessarily rapid resoiling... " yada yada." So which is it?
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Atish Gadiyar

Hey Robert - I'm using an acid rinse in my chemical jug and was told it helps prevent scaling in the TM heat exchange and other places. Is this true? Can this be considered as a benefit of using a low pH rinse?

Ken Kaplan

Robert Allen if people do not understand or know the hardness of water in the area they need to get those maps. Do a pH test just on your water see what you get
Boom you know what do use right away