Air Mover - Cobra 1150 Centrifugal Floor Fan


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Feb 26, 2012
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Air Mover | Cobra 1150 Centrifugal Floor Fan | Restoration Carpet Dryer (NEW IN BOX)

Product Description

• 1.9 Amp Draw on Low | 2.9 on High
• 1800 CFM
• 1080 RPM
• 3 Variable Speeds
• Dual On Board GFCI
• 25’ Cable Length Equipped With SureGlo
• Lightweight at only 27 lbs. (18.5”x16.5”x18.5”)]
• Rugged Polyurethane Housing
Key Features - Stackable, Lightweight, Adjustable, NeverLeft™ Technology, Multi-Angle positions
The Cobra1150 is our signature Air Mover it has a 1/4 HP motor with 3 speeds and 4 positions, and it's fully stackable. The Cobra1150 Air Mover is versatile in drying and moving air for floor and carpet drying for water damage restoration, carpet cleaning, and other janitorial needs. You may use any combination of the 3 speeds or 4 positions to accommodate your specific drying needs. This Powerful Blower keeps a high volume of air flowing with a very low AMP draw. Our lowest setting draws just 1.9 amps and on the highest speed it draws 3 amps. Our Cobra1150 Air Mover is lightweight with an easy carry handle that is offset so a tech can carry an air mover in each hand. Our Carpet Dryer is equipped with an ease of use power cord wrap horn. As with all Impact Restoration Supplyproducts the Cobra1150 Air Mover is made of high quality material to ensure many years of satisfactory and profitable use.
Accessories - Cobra 1150 Snout Adapter | 4" PVC Ducting (Sold Separately)
Warranty – 1 Year Motor | 3 Year Housing
Also known as:
Air Mover, Carpet Dryer, Floor Fan, Blower, Restoration Equipment
Competes With:
Viking Eco Cam (1.6 Amps 1 Speed)
Dri-Eaz Sahara E TurboDryer® (7.2 Amp 1 speed)
Dri-Eaz Sahara HD TurboDryer® (10 Amp 3 speed)
Dri-Eaz Sahara Pro X3 TurboDryer® (4 Amp 3 speed)
Phoenix Cam (2.8 High 2.4 Low 2 Speed)
Phoenix Cam Pro (2.8 High 2.4 Low 2 Speed)
Phoenix Stackable Cam (2.6 High 2.0 Low 2 speed)
Phoenix Stackable Cam (Pro 2.6 High 2.0 Low 2 speed)

A guy local has them for sale are these any good? he wants 150.00 but is willing to work on the price

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