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Apr 14, 2020
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Hello all...I have been lurking for the past year and in operation now for 7 months....this is my first post. Wrapping all my thoughts into a single sorry in advance.

I had researched the industry for a few years and in December after saving two years salary, left my corporate IT job and I took the plunge and bought a 2016 ProChem Legend GT (600hrs) and a 2016 Ford Transit 250.

First thing I did was to take the unit to Aramsco for a full service, honestly I wasn't impressed with the sales staff but, Leo in service at the Dallas store was awesome, if it wasn't for his professionalism I wouldn't give the Dallas store the time of day. He checked the temp sensor (my main concern), oil change, replaced all the filters, checked belts, etc...basic 500-600 general didn't need much but, being new to the industry I wanted to make sure all was good with my new investment and Leo showed me the basics and what to watch out for.

My setup is: Titanium wand from and a RotoVac 360i

When I go to a job two things stand out:

  • Temp on the wand is about 80-100 degrees lower then what the temp is showing on the GT. I would expect some loss but that much??? Wand will read 110 while the GT showing 200-220 (sometimes pegged 240+)

  • Sometimes after doing a living and dining room the waste tank is full (I believe it to be 80 gallons - need to double check size).
My suspicion is the temp sensor. The gentleman that I bought the van from only used it for water damage/flood extraction (backup unit for his fleet). He was under the impression that if the temp was set to the highest setting that the GT would NOT bypass....can someone confirm if that is or is not correct?

If I was doing it again...things I might do differently:

  • Whereas now, I am glad I paid cash and have no debt. Financing may have been a better idea just for cash flow purposes. Family member is a Ford dealer so I will probably finance the next van directly with Ford when Ford runs their next 0% financing specials. Then finance a truck mount separately. Putting the cash on hand into advertising might have been better. But, again just stating out, the safe feeling during these times by not having a lease payment is a blessing.

  • I probably would also have forgone buying a the HydroForce tile & grout cleaner and purchased a CRB instead (primary reason I run the RotoVac, agitation)

Next on my list:

  • Due to family issues/needs, last month, I had to relocate from the Dallas area to Cleveland; I am thinking of taking the van in to have the truck mount pulled and spray liner installed on floor and walls as well as double checking the temp sensor again. (Aramsco estimate is about $2k ($1100 for 14hrs truckmount work & $900 for spray in liner) Currently, water is getting under the lay-in liner and I want to prevent any rust issues. Is it crazy to pull the truck mount and do a spray liner? Better option/ideas?

  • Buy a CRB

Cleaning questions:

  • Here in Ohio everyone has a basement...yesterday was cleaning basement carpets and it was the typical musty smell...but, after using wand...the musty smelled got WORSE...wondering what others use & do for basements...

New set of eyes looking in...good/bad ideas....

  • Bluetooth control and monitoring of the truck mount; maybe I am doing it wrong but, multiple times I have been on the far end second story only to need to turn off the machine, check pressures/temps, etc. Sometimes resulting in multiple trips out to the van...would be nice to be able to control/view the truck mount remotely.

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