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Sep 27, 2019
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Good morning, I found this piece below an would like to hear your feedback on it please.

Carpet Cleaning Terminology:
We would like to clarify the differences of spills, spots and stains as many times it can lead to confusion about what cleaning would be needed to address the particular problem and what the outcome might be after carpet cleaning has been done.

Spills – Spills can either be wet, dry or oily depending upon the states of matter that was dropped, spilled or otherwise be deposited upon the carpet. The particular response combined with the response time will determine if the spill will lead to a spot or a stain and what action will have to be taken by the carpet cleaner later on.

Spots – Spots are defined as foreign material on a fiber that usually changes the colour or texture of the carpet and many times both. Usually spots can be removed but untreated they can turn into stains.

Stains – Stains indicates the addition of colour most frequently in liquid or pigmentation form. This happens because the substance has attached more aggressively to the carpet fiber. This added dye or pigmentation may bind to the fiber and then alter the structure of the fiber, unfortunately not all stains react positively to removal treatment by professional carpet cleaners.

We as carpet cleaners also encounter many areas of discoloration where chemical reactions has removed the colour from the carpet fibre. With this nothing can be done by the carpet cleaner to rectify the problem