Advice!! Starting nightly fast food restaurant cleaning co. Looking at the effectiveness of steam!


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Aug 4, 2021
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Robert Boldun
Don't you think you will get tired or bored doing this service every night instead of getting some rest or eventually sleeping? Also, I am curious about how much they are paying you. I would love to compare you and the company that

BD janitorial

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Oct 18, 2017
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Brad Dorner
I cleaned a college's commercial kitchen for about a year. We only cleaned the flooring 2000 sq ft of tile & grout. We used silicone rake/squeegee to get under the kitchen equipment and scrape/pull out the food debris and the back pack vacuum the entire floor.
To clean the floor we tried steam cleaner and also greased lightening product both of these were time consuming and neither did a very good job.
A web search led to a product Super Floor Degreaser, at $90.00 a gallon we were skeptical but gave it a try. We did a Deep Floor scrub with deck brushes and vac'd up the scrubbed liquid.
The following nights we liberally applied the Super Floor Degreaser-No Scrubbing. After about a week the floors looked great the and the customer said the floors never looked better.
There are other enzymatic Like Super Floor Degreaser that cost about 1/2 as much and work as well.
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