Acid Stained Concrete, Acrylic Seal, Acrylic Finish - What is going on here?


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Jan 27, 2020
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Hi, First post and it may be a little long-winded. I have searched far and wide for my answer and talked to several Supply houses and get a different answer on what I "Should" be using from each place. One place told me I am ruining my concrete by using a neutral floor cleaner in the autoscrubber for my cleanings and I need to strip my entire floor and polish my concrete with a diamond grind and then use an alkaline top coat. I'm hoping to get some solid feed back from you guys. I purchased a home with Acid Stained Heated concrete floors. The Stained floors were Sealed with Spec chem Cure and Seal 25 Then Topped with Zep High Traffic Floor Finish (that is what the contractor used). I have an Autoscrubber and a High Speed Burnisher. I dust mop and scrub (with a red pad) the floors weekly ( 4 people and 2 small dogs) Burnish twice a month sometimes more. I have not been happy with the Zep it scratches VERY easy, like even when I just wet mob using a Rubbermaid mop bucket on wheels the Wheels leave marks in the Finish. I would like to switch over to a Betco or Spartan product but here is my question. What do I use to strip the current floor? When striping the Finish is it also going to strip the Sealer? If so, I know the sealer used was NASTY when they put it down, Xylene based acrylic sealer so the smell as the Xylene evaporated was rough this was before the house was completed so lots of open windows and doors and walls as the drywall wasn't even in yet, and it was still hard to be in there so if that needs re done Is there something I can use that is less harsh? There are currently a few small white patches under the finish, I recently used a marroon pad to top scrub and used the remainder of the Zep that the contractor left and put two more top coats on The majority of the floor looks good and the scratches are gone but the white patches remain. Will a chemical strip take care of these? See attached pics. If chemically stripped what specific products would you recommend for a good seal / finish that will look good and respond well to burnishing a few times a month.


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Nov 7, 2012
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If you are sure the finishing coat was a ZEP product then strip it with ZEP's heavy duty floor stripper. It should strip the acrylic polymer underneath it as well. The pH is high so it shouldn't hurt the acid stain but test first.

The white patches are the result of having a finish (top coat) that doesn't allow the concrete to breath. Moisture is being trapped and causing the efflorescence.

Once the finish is removed and you're down to the raw concrete, if apply a guard if possible. The concrete will have to be at a minimum of a 400 grit finish in order to properly accept a guard. If you are able to apply a guard many of your issues will go away.

SmartKrete's Smart Guard
  1. will give you an extremely high gloss finish.
  2. is breathable and will not trap moisture.
  3. will give you 45 to 60 minutes of protection against water, oil and acid spills.
  4. is lithium fortified which will harden the floor greatly reducing scratching and scuffing.
  5. will increase slip resistance.