Acid on raw coquina tile

Matt Strader

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Feb 7, 2009
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So I cleaned a pretty sizable house yesterday and the guy told me that he'd had one other guy come out before me. Then he pointed out that this guy had used acid on the grout. Well obviously that was a horrific idea, and the acid got all over the stone too. He allowed me to try a couple of tiles and acid wash them to see if I could get the rest of the tile to match. It didn't work. Whatever this guy used was strong. So there is this effervescence type white discoloration along the grout lines and in the low spots on the tile.

I'm sure this guy would be willing to allow me to try just about anything.

Any suggestions?

I'll ask him to snap a pic for me. And in the meantime here is a pic of the kitchen. Great looking floor I might add.
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