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Absolutely new to this. Need guidance to get started in the business


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Oct 13, 2020
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Lorraine Goodrich
Before you make the investment to start a business you really should go work for a year or two for another cleaner. Find out if you will even like this business. Learn about the business and how to clean.

I would advise having at least $20,000 to buy used equipment (you can easily spend up to $80,000 for all new equipment and van) and another $10,000 - $20,000 for marketing and operating expenses. Add to that enough money to live for a year with no income.

A lot of guys think they can go buy a used $1500 portable machine and start their business with no money. While it can be done this is a hard route to take that usually leads to failure.

This can be a great business if you prepare yourself before diving in. Spend the time to learn the business. Also probably even more important than knowing how to clean, be sure you know how to operate a business. Know how to figure your cost of doing business and how to price your services. Make a business plan. There’s a lot more to runnng a carpet business than just knowing how to spray some soap on the carpet and rub a wand over it.
Why is it a hard route to take up with a portable unit? What is likely to go wrong?

U. S. Vet.

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Jul 8, 2020
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Sanis Sanis
Rob, you are exactly what needs to happen ( when ever possible my friend - actually, direct apprenticeship ( especially w you would be optimal ). Good on you ! ! !

For anyone outside of these most excellent of circumstances • •

Recommendation :
Work for any ( reputable ), Carpet Cleaning co. IICRC training must be part of the reason for hiring on - crucial. Work for this co. & learn, learn, learn. Prepare for the future circumspectively • • financially, equipment stock, bus. plan • • learn, prepare as you learn • • then apply your preparation by implementation.

Make yourself the ABSOLUTE best worker on the payroll ! ! !
You‘ll be promoted ( trust me - EVERY time ), you’ll make more money, but even if you don’t • • it doesn’t matter. You will be given more responsibility way sooner in to your tenure • • learn, learn, learn ! ! !

everything you asked about and are totally freaking out about ( as we all did ), lol • • will be • • answered fundamentally.
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