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Absolute best drill to buy?


Nov 5, 2012
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Ed Scott
Makita 18v lithium.
Has an automatic light that comes on on the tip and has a carry hook to carry the drill hooked on your belt, pocket or ladder.

I use my drill daily doing Duct cleaning. I cut 8" holes with a metal hole saw attachment and drill 1 inch holes into sheet metal. After the makita I would go with the Hitachi. Remember Dewalt is just Black and Decker with a new plastic shell. Most of thir power tools are in between homeowner grade and being designed for Pros use. The discounted price vs the better drills I mentioned should be a clue as well. You will get what you pay for.
I will never buy a dewalt again. Less than 8 months and both drills crapped out on me. When I used to install doors for a living I had a Bosch that I used every day for a year and a half and was going string.