FB A little help please! I’m having a painful wet and cold Sunday w/ this! Sold the van w/ machine

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Geoffrey Scott Howells

Does Biokleen Citrus Soy Solvent chew through plastic?

Keith Bowles

Close up the truck and run truck heat to warm wall panels. Wipe down the decals with WD-40 and keep using the heat gun followed by removing any remaining glue with WD-40.

Richie Rich-Moore

Googone is the best

Brian Mayer

Use a steamer. It puts out 327 degrees and then us lacquer thinner. After you may have us a orbital on paint

Erick Dantas

The van is gone! Thank you so much guys! I took most of it out, took $100 off the deal, told him how to do the rest on a “sunny day”, and he left happy with it! Thank God

Jason Greer

Did 2 vans (partial wrap) in 4 hours. These work!

John Wiley

Please remember that cheap vinyl is much harder to remove and leaves tons of adhesive. Premium material can be removed with almost zero adhesive in a out 2 hours for a full wrap. It actually winds up costing more in the end if the vinyl or intermediate stuff was used.

Dave Jordan

Citrus solve will take the glue off.