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A customer in need

B&R Cleaning LLC

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Sep 23, 2014
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Joshua Spink
Hello everyone
I come to TMF most days and enjoy the advice. I don't say much because someone else usually will beat me to it.
Today I come to you for help. Every year our company tries to help someone in need. The last few years it has been to raise money for medical bills. This year I ran into a woman who needs work done to her home to save her health.
Please give the following link just a few moments. If you cannot donate please at least share the post so we can get Ms. Clements carpets replaced.

I do realize i am now open to the trolls who think i should have taken this poor woman's last $100 and sprayed water on the floor. Feel free to slap me around if you must. I also believe there are enough good people on this forum to help me get this done. I will update with pictures of the work done as we replace her floors.
Thank you in advance for the assistance.

B&R Cleaning LLC.