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Mar 9, 2008
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Hi Everyone. How are you doing? I have been running my business, Carpet Cleaning Services Rancho Cucamonga, since 2005. And I used to advertise my business using Pay Per Click such as Google Adwords. Google Adwords is good, but the problem was it got very expensive because people just click to check us out but they did not buy our services.

So I decided to try my business rank organically and locally. It has been 2 weeks since Google verified my business, but It already ranking on 6th place on Google Local listing (1 st place for Bing). I am surprised how much phone calls our company, Carpet Cleaning Services Rancho Cucamonga, are generating already NOT using Google Adwords. Plus my website is not fancy looking at all lol Check my website out: http://www.carpetcleaningservicesranchocucamonga.com

Share your thoughts, I am happy to hear : )


These fake spam websites with all their fake Google reviews really piss me off. I see these fake websites used in many industries used to sell leads to local carpet cleaners. Google needs to do a better job of filtering this cancer from the searches.
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Oct 22, 2021
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First you gotta realize, that pretty much all "SEO tools" are completely terrible...

Some are fine for simple stuff, but literally none of them have the ability to be 100% accurate in the slightest, due to daddy google being more and more fierce with hiding their code and practises in terms of the algorithm we all depend on.

SEO will never die as long as the internet+internet businesses exist, as SEO now simply grasps over pretty much anything you do online.

SEO is anything from securing good content on your site, to creating strong link profiles, to google ADS etc. etc. etc.

Even underlying HTML code on your site is important, and finetuning this could also be considered on-page SEO.

Good luck in the SEO landscape... its a rough one :D

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