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Dec 14, 2016
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My grandfather always said "one day you have not learned is a day I have not lived" .And following its motto, I think I have the best profession in the world. You can not imagine how rewarding it is to get in touch daily with so many different people. Feeling the trust put in you to enter their houses and leave them as new work.

That contact is very enriching . And it goes both ways. Many clients ask me how I do this, how do I get that, how / finishing / Material / idea ... but I also learn a lot from them. And there are days that bring me a bunch of tricks thanks to these generous people who share their own inspiration and skills with us , and who changes cromos (and even more fun: Ahhhh, so you get to polish well Mmmm ...? I what I do is to create a mass ... ).

So today I have compiled seven cleaning tips that at some point I have told those who know the home: grannies, real handyman, cleaning professionals ... all have, all have much to teach. You will see

1. If you want to facilitate cleaning of the mixer , the grater or food processing tool, greased with a little olive oil the blades before use. So when rails, wheels piques or any food, will be harder to stay stuck.

2. Your coffee suffers: water and coffee produce many inlays and this goes against your health and life of the appliance. Able to keep both the tank and all lines of the device, put it to work with water and a few drops of vinegar . This dissolve all these unwanted accumulations of minerals and impurities. Health for you and your coffee.

3. spots in the oven: sometimes food spilled liquids are then hardened and difficult to remove. Immediately sprinkle some salt or baking soda in the moment this happens, and let cool. Then only need spend a damp cloth to remove the stain easily.

4. Clean the refrigerator regularly , if possible week, with a solution of sodium bicarbonate and warm water . Avoid the proliferation of bacteria and therefore unpleasant odors. Unplug the appliance to clean the rear grille , and do it with a damp cloth as dust and lint will accumulate over very difficult running your engine.

5. Trash always clean. I know it sounds contradictory, but the dustbins are places that need special hygienic care: desinféctalos creating a solution of ½ cup of ammonia in 3 liters of water. When you have dried, you can prevent the formation of mold and bacteria sprinkle ¼ cup salt Boro (or Sodium Borate) in each cube.

6. Carpets tamped by furniture. You see that mark? It seems that the poor bear the pisotón carpet couch forever, right? It has solution: apply the steam iron to about 15 centimeters from the affected area until moistened. After combing the fibers to liftand let dry ... like new!

7. To clean copper objects, grab a spray (such as hairdressing, also known professionally ... flush-flush!), And introduces hot vinegar. After sprinkle, sprinkle table salt and rub them over with a sponge and great care in circular movements until they are well polished and bright. Itnot magic, it's skill.

Blenders, coffee makers, ovens, refrigerators, paper, carpets and copper. Not bad, right? This weekend I have an appointment with my fridge . I will clean it , order it and review it thoroughly as I commented in this post. So on Sunday I go to my neighborhood market to fill it to start the week with strength and energy.

And you? What are your plans for this weekend? Can you draw hand home handyman?


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