7 Odorcide Products

Mike Hershley

Oct 14, 2011
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7 Odorcide Products


That’s right, Odorcide is available in 7 different formulas to meet all your odor elimination needs. Same unique chemistry, different formula for specific types of odors:
  • Original & Fresh ScentUsed primarily for pet urine odor on carpet and rugs. These products are safe on wool and most fabrics and can be used at any stage of your cleaning process.
  • Cigarette SmokeWith it’s own unique fragrance, use this product on any surface by fogging, spraying or wiping on.
  • Fire & Flood For charred wood smell and mildew odors, this product can be fogged, sprayed or poured on surfaces to eliminate odor.
  • Laundry Meant for washing machines, this product can be used as a pre-soak on right in the load to eliminate the nastiest of odors or simply to deodorize your machine.
  • Dumpster & Chute A truly unique formula to attack garbage and protein based odors like grease or food waste.
  • DuraLast The residual action of DuraLast is great for repeat janitorial applications. Simply spray on or add directly to a mop bucket.
Get a free sample of any of these great products by going to Odorcide.com or email [email protected].

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