6FIGA SAYS ~ Angie’s List is now requiring background checks for all advertisers {hallelujah}

Nov 24, 2012
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Here's the email I got last Friday..

Hello xxxxxxxxxxx

Angie’s List is now requiring background checks for all advertisers. Also, to be eligible for the Super Service Award, you must have a current, passed background check on file. Please review and sign the attached document to authorize Angie’s List to run a background check.
Angie’s List will require a background check on the owner, relevant manager, or principal of the business organization appearing on Angie’s List. If you are not the owner, relevant manager, or principal, please ignore this request. This email request has also been sent to other active associates for your business, as indicated in your Business Center account here. Only one person from your company needs to submit a background check.
In order to get accurate results on your background check, please provide your full legal name including your full middle name (do not use nicknames). You’ll also need to provide your date of birth and home address on the form. Angie’s List associates do not see the detail in the background check, only a pass/fail designation based on our criteria.
Thanks for your cooperation. If you have additional questions, please reply to this email directly. You may also contact your Account Manager.


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Feb 13, 2011
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Is this their attempt at remaining credible despite taking on the groupon/livng social business model??????

An advertiser that runs background checks.

Damn we are living in 1984

aloha one

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Feb 17, 2009
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Their OWN employess first! I welcome it..Doubt it can really make a difference tho..How do you say Back Pedaling? Consumer Reports tossed their amd others ass under the bus..NOW they trying to regain the Untouchable Credibility they thought they had.
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