370SS, Trailer, and all Equipment for sale


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Mar 2, 2022
Real Name
Matthew Weber
Located in Colorado Springs

Sapphire Scientific 370SS Truckmount w/ 90 gallon waste tank

Under 350 hours

($20,760 new)

Sapphire Scientific Titanium 12-inch wand

4 jets w/ Teflon glide

($1,445 new)

Counter Rotating Brush (CRB) 15”

Includes set of green (tile/commercial carpets), blue (standard carpets), and white (hardwood) brushes

(Machine $2,000 new, brushes $660 new)

110 gallon fresh water tank

($1,370 new)

250 ft hose reel w/ hoses

One 100 ft solution hose and three 50 ft solution hoses

Fuel tank

($1,030 new)

Hydro Force Sprayer

($190 new)

Max Storm Fan

Upholstery Wand

($125 new)

Two pump up sprayers

CRB guards/catches

Corner protectors

Oreck Commercial Vacuum


Various Carpet Cleaning nik naks

6 x 12 Victory 7k Trailer

($9,100 new)

I began my business in March 2022, which puts all of the equipment at pretty much exactly one-year-old, as I bought everything new and have the receipts to show it, which is where I pulled the “new” prices from. The truckmount has under 350 hours on it, so all of the equipment is the same or newer. The truckmount was regularly serviced, most recently at 300 hours. Everything works the same as the day I bought it. The trailer, though purchased new a year ago as well, was driven into an overhang at about 2 mph and crunched in a bit at the top. I’ve filled the gap to keep it warm in the sub-freezing temps. The insulation you see in the pictures is easily removable, and there for the sub-freezing Colorado winters. I’m willing to sell the business if you’re local, which is mostly $40,000/yr in repeat restaurants. Selling because of a back injury.

$24,500 for everything, trailer included.

$19,500 if trailer is excluded.


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