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350 Chairs with modified upholstery tools


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Nov 29, 2013
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Marian Lukacisin
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We cleaned 350 chairs with new 20 ft long upholstery tools. worked well.View attachment 86864View attachment 86865View attachment 86866
When I looked at the pictures, I knew that you're the guy with a humongous truckmount. I'm only hoping that this cool thing you're presenting is DIY project( when I was building my splitter I was going for the same material, but went for a cleaner look, which resulted in greater obstruction) otherwise I don't see many guys here paying $ 250 for this setup( splitter and Y). It's nice to have one in arsenal and use it on longer runs. I just like to point out that the biggest advantage of this concept is to be able to get in between rows of chairs ( if there is enough room ) Last summer I've cleaned similar amount of chairs, except that they were scattered in 4 different rooms. Actually that was good thing, because we were falling asleep after 200 chairs and two pizzas. Instead of dual wanding I opted for a combo TM/portable using two recirculating upholstery tools.
Thanks for sharing.


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Jun 30, 2017
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Ricardo Vázquez
Todd, This job was the 350 chairs and 6000 sq ft of carpet, we completed it in 6 hrs.
Every time I see posts about how much other cleaners get done in so little time I cry and cry for days.
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Aug 16, 2006
Belton Texas
i have a hydramaster dri tool....
insanely iffecient......
do need a pumpout......

best upholstery tool on the market...imo
no trigger......
over 2-3 hours you could probably double your cleaning over a trigger uph. tool......