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FB 23 yr old golf club trashed cgd. Whats would...

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Micheal Villones

23 yr old golf club trashed cgd. Whats would you use

Ryan Gordon

I hate to say it but Ecap would probably make it look the best

Victor C. Cantu

Extract first. Golf clubs have copious amounts of sand and dirt. After that encap for the pop. Work on an encap, hot water extract alternating schedule.

Josue Batalla

Use power burst with citrus pro for all spulls and food stains. Then spray entire carpet with prochem ultrapac with citrus pro. Let sit. Scrubb with 175. Rinse with all fiber deep clean. Use all fiber rinse as post mist spray and use bonnet to speed dry. Charge accordingly.

Shay Warren

Purple power. Then acid rinse the soap. 99.99% gets everything. Try it on a section Won't be disappointed. I have flex and on those jobs I grab the soap. And it's only $22 at Wal-Mart for 5 gal

Shay Warren

Put a little more then a quarter gallon in your Hydro Force you will be good to go


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