20 inch Whittaker Trio for sale - $1200 cash only - pick up only from western NY state.


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May 6, 2010
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For sale here is a used 20 Inch Whittaker Trio. It was used weekly for 12 months and shows typical wear and tear. The pictures show some damage on the handle and a missing bracket that holds the cord. As you can see in the pictures, neither of these issues affect the usability of this machine. This Low Moisture carpet scrubber still works great and does a phenomenal job on heavily soiled Commercial Glue Down (CGD) carpet, along with Carpet Tiles. The carpet is bone-dry in 30 minutes. This particular Counter Rotating Brush (or CRB) machine is the best in its class, no other CRB can compare because of the 20" Trio's weight and 3rd brush.

New, this machine will run you $4175.00 --- I'm selling mine for $1200.00 cash only.

It comes with everything pictured, along with some accessories not shown. There are 3 other used brushes for instance, that are not pictured, but come with this machine. The blue brushes on the Trio are considered the Hard brushes and are the most aggressive. They give phenomenal results on CGD & Carpet Tiles...as good or better than my Cimex ever did.

This 20" model is actually 25 inches wide. The 20 inches is referring to the length of the brushes. This 20" model FLIES over carpet....it cleans halls and wide open areas super-fast. But I still used it for tighter cubicle areas and cleaned under desks with it all of the time. This is the heaviest-duty cylindrical brush machine on the market. The third brush (no other machine has a 3rd brush) allows for extra agitation of the fibers, meaning better & faster encap-cleaning for you.

I will not ship, this item is for pickup only. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. Most of the paint has flaked off, the low price accounts for its appearance, but it still runs like a champ.

For more information: whittakersystem.com

Any questions please email me or text me on my work phone (if you call, please leave a message) @ five eight five - 7 4 6 - five three zero seven. I'm located in Bloomfield, NY 14469.

$1200 FIRM, cash only. NO checks. NO delivery, pick-up only.

Thank you for your interest --- Derek.


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