2" or 1.5" Stacks, Guru Help on set-up(supercharging my portable)


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Jul 26, 2018
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Anthony Bowman
Hello Guys, I have a classic porty that I started with in 94 that I want to Max out upgrade, Could use some PRO Help on recommended config? OK so I upgraded the two 3-stage motors, ametek 116565-13(old) - TO - two Electro Motor Q6600-084, And added another cord with aquatek 220 psi pump, all new swithes and wiring - New machine. My Question is: I'm running 25' length hose 2" to wand currently with one stack in the recovery tank. I'm wanting to add another stack to run motors in parallel, then should be getting around 144" lift, 225-230cfm. So should the stacks both be 2" or 1.5" and any help on the best ball float and fittings to run through the bottom of tank would be appreciated!!