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2-3 stages, 1-2 stage, and a Cross American Booster over 400 cfm's


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Dec 18, 2008
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Well said Jan; I too have had most awesome luck with the Recoil. Unlike most users; this has become an overall winner when it comes to economics. I recieved nothing for bragging on it; When I have questions they are quickly answered, and when I need parts they arrive as promised.

Now for the video; Personally I have absolutely no need to invest in equipment to measure the efficency of my machine and publish a video to prove to anyone the viability of the Recoil System I own. I make great money using it; but in the future I may take a camera to work and do a film showing my tech clean carpet.

I do this because I have used everyones machines before(accept Kens); I know their capabilities. I own other machines; I hook up my booster to them when needed. Sorry if you think everyone lies on these boards in your opinion; but I worked in a jet engine calibration/test cell before in my navy career; we never measured cfm by closing off the inlet; it was done while in stream by inlet probes not interfering with the performance of the engine.