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Jan 30, 2014
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Well actually, I have not made up my mind.. im looking for advice or suggestions.. no need to get mad. Im looking at all options and trying to learn how a butler system works from guys that use them to see if i should bother trying to work out a deal with him if he even wants to sell it. whats it matter if he has an older unit? do you know why? no. how about he sold most of his equipment and kept the one he has now for whatever reason he wishes like personal use?. would you keep all your good equipment if you retired or would you sell the good stuff for more money and keep the older equipment that works just fine? there is a pretty good chance i can get the van and butler for pennies compared to buying other used equipment in my area. just trying to explore all options for a low budget startup and if things work out ill run the van and butler until i can upgrade to a nicer, newer setup. he sold me a cmx-20 rotary, hydrosensor ll, and about $1200 in chemicals for literally nothing. thanks for the reply. im looking into my local supplier for training so im not clueless. dont want to be a hack.
If you're thinking about getting that butler in the older van you should just keep it as it is, no need to switch it out, you just need to get some roots planted and you can upgrade later once you have some $. If anything just get nice lettering or slowly wrap the vehicle so it looks bigger than just a 93 van, that's what I would do if I were you.

There's a lot of great instructional videos thru the TMF YouTube channel, https://shop.truckmountforums.com's YouTube channel, and interlinks youtube channel. You could also ask a member an hour or so away if you could do a ride along, if you're willing to do that sort of thing.

Attending the Carpet Cleaning class at Interlink would give you a great idea of what you'll need to know about this industry. There's a lot of BS out there and a lot of really good advice, however take everything with a grain of salt. Luckily you're in FL, so the winter won't be as bad for you, at least you don't have to worry about a TM freezing.

Have you considered starting with a portable? That's always an option if budgets are tight and you can't get that butler. Also, you should take the butler to your local TM mechanic and have then give it a once over they might see something you don't. Spending an hour of labor up front could save you from buying a lemon, just saying. Keep reading as much as possible on here and best of luck to you.

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Nov 19, 2016
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Thank you for the reply. i would love to do a ride along, just need to find someone willing to take me. also i greatly appreciate the information for videos. my original plan was to start with a portable and im still expecting thats how ill start unless i find a great deal on a truck mount .

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Feb 24, 2018
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Hey guys my names jeff, im 29, live in swfl and wanting to learn this industry and attempt to start and run my own business successfully. currently i have a full time job and plan to keep it as i start and grow my business. i also have a part time job that i work when i wish to help with the bills. i have 2 young children and a stay at home fiancé so money is usually tight... hopefully i can change my situation for the better. i came across a video of someone cleaning carpet and tile on youtube and automatically thought this would be a great business opportunity to try and pursue. i do know its like any other business to get started from nothing, long hours, tough work, getting your name out there, advertising, sales, marketing ect.ect. what i need to learn is the how to. what products to use and when, what are the steps to determine what process should be used for the best results as i know absolutely nothing about cleaning carpet or grout. im in the process of getting a computer so ill be able to do research easier than from my stupid smartphone but are there any kind of books or videos one can buy to learn the basics? i know real world hands on experience working for a company that offers training is ideal but i just cant leave my full time job to work for someone and not make enough to pay the bills. cant afford a paycut. my plan is if i can get enough training to get started id like to offer carpet cleaning, tile/grout cleaning, mattress, dryer vent, window cleaning and maybe some other add ons while im at the customers home. id also purchase used equipment and use a enclosed trailer. my startup budget would be anywhere from $3k- $8k unless i can get a small business loan but thats doubtful. Of course id love a Tm but i may have to start with a portable. any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. and i will continue to read up on this forum, already building my knowledge. 1 more thing i noticed while doing a local market search. (lots of lowballers) in my area but there are a lot of big money houses i could target and plenty of commerical properties in my area.
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