1998 Butler


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Mar 12, 2016
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Stephen Boisvert
1998 Chevy Express Butler


1998 Express 3500 5.7
106,000 miles

I had purchased this as a second van.

I brought it for NH State inspection yesterday and it failed for various items. In total about $1500 dollars of work, quoted by a reputable shop.

The frame and underbody are actually pretty good. It wasn’t driven in winter. Rockers are rusted and the 2 rear leaf shackles should be replaced.

It runs fine and drives great, better than my 2006 E-250.

The machine has 4100 hours and runs fine, the blower is noisy but still strong vac, you may have seen my other post about it.

Tanks, reels, filters are in good shape, pump is newer.

You could drive this to a job, hook hoses up and be cleaning today but I would not buy it without expecting to put about 3k into to make it right, and even then it’s 20 years old. I’d rather let someone know what they are getting themselves into

I need to part with it because I can’t be working all week then playing with this on the weekend.