1. H

    Winterizing your truck mount

    Is there any advice for winterizing the white magic 1200? I have followed the step by step instructions in the manual and it won't pull a full gallon in. What am I doing wrong? Does any one have any videos or step by step instructions or pictures to show what the correct method is? Thank you!!
  2. C

    Can I use Mytee Escape with vac booster in Calgary, Canada were it goes to -30 with wind chill.

    Hi, I have Cleanco Quad 56. With 7700 hrs on it. I am thinking to go with Mytee Escape, North Star steam pressure washer. And Air Hog on winters to pump out water in customer flush/ loo. So that pump out don't freeze on me. I will be running on 12000 volts Champion Generator. Just the Vaccum...
  3. fly720


    I was just wondering bo any of you guys that have really cold winters try and wrap your solution lines to keep the heat in while you're cleaning. Or do you run everything as usual? I'm in the Chicagoland area and I can imagine that I will lose all my heat running my lines from my van into the...