water pressure loss

  1. ronnie173

    sx-15 not spinning fast enough

    I have an sx-15 that isn't spinning as fast as it should. So if I set my machine to like 1200 psi and pull the trigger the pressure drops to like 600psi and the spinner spins but it is very slow and not powerful. I know that it takes at least 800 psi to actually push this spinner but is there...
  2. hawkps

    steamway mastermatic omega 4200 water pressure not building

    I just bought this truck mount, just getting into the business, I was doing window cleaning before and thought carpet cleaning would be a nice addition. I got the manual from the steamway website and followed the instructions to turn it on, my goal was just to be able to have the water shoot out...
  3. RAW Prespray

    Mytee M5 Water Pump Pressure/Power Loss

    Any experts on porty water pumps? My M5 pump just hums and won't pressurize. After a minute it starts sucking down amps then trips the breaker. I don't much about diagnosing these motors so any help is appreciated!