water damage

  1. N

    Drying Equipment for Sale -houston

    I am new here and getting out of the business and friends have told me to reach out on here and possibly help others currently or wanting to start this great venture in the restoration world. I've slowed down in life amd focusing more on family these days and wanted to post some of my equipment...
  2. C

    Good Water Damage Response Trucks For Sale

    FOR SALE: 2009 Ford E-450 Water Damage Response Box Truck with 16' custom Supreme Box 106,000 miles $18,000 2010 Ford E-450 Water Damage Response Box Truck with 16' custom Supreme Box 130,000 miles $20,000 Both trucks are identical just 1 year apart. Great trucks for water damage. Both had...
  3. J

    Selling Dri-Eaz Flood Pumper

    Ask $800 OBO
  4. J

    Selling Dri-Eaz Rover HVE High Volume Extractor

    Asking $1800 OBO.
  5. J

    Selling used Odorox Boss XL3 Hydroxyl Odor

    Well maintained and asking $1500 OBO. It only has 1683 hours of use.
  6. karl_karpets

    BARELY USED - Xtreme Xtractor Vac Pack

    Asking for $2,200. I am selling a barely used Hydro-X Xtreme Xtractor Vac Pack (MSRP$ 4,200). All vacuums and pump out work perfect. Located in Cleveland, OHIO. Call or email with any questions: 440-942-2481 or [email protected]
  7. jimileowana

    Home Exterior Contractor

    At Clear Cut Xteriors LLC, our clients are our no 1 priority and we go the extra mile to make sure they’re completely satisfied with this service, we’re fully prepared to tackle even the most complex projects and stand by the exceptional quality of our work.Call us today and find out more about...
  8. T

    How do I get rid from the Carpet Odor which sustained the Water Damage?

    Need more tips to remove the carpet odor.
  9. Scott W

    Attention Restoration companies

    Restoration company owners and marketers: This is an excellent class that does not come around very often, just twice per year. Most of you know Jeff Cross who presents the social media portion of this marketing class. Peter Crosa is a working adjuster with over 30 years experience. He will...
  10. Gregg Sargent

    Charge for infrared cameras on your jobs

    I have been billing $150.00 on every job that we use an infrared camera for over 3 years. Thought I might share this tip with everyone. Since you can get infrared cameras for our purposes for $400 -$1000 now you can get your money right back after a few jobs. Then it's all profit. After 3...
  11. Gregg Sargent

    Gutster Demo Bar

    Just wanted to mention this great wood floor demo tool. I keep one on every truck and technicians love them. In six years no one has ever broken one. Hope this tool can help you too.
  12. Anna Levis

    Downstairs bathroom repair in process

  13. P

    Thermal imaging for water damage?

    Hi All, new here but thought I'd look for some advice. I saw these thermal imaging cameras are being sold at a pretty steep discount on this site and was thinking about grabbing a bunch for my team. Anyone tried them before?
  14. Anna Levis

    How To Repair Water Damage and Stains On Drywall

    water damage and the stains on drywall are the results of a leaky roof. Minor damages can be easily repaired. The following steps will guide you through the repair. First of all, make sure that the drywall is still attached to studs or framing. If the wallboard is broken or sagging then it will...