water damage restoration

  1. atmsozol

    What Should and Shouldn't Do After Water Damage or Flooding

    What Should Do After Water Damage or Flooding Try to take out any excess water you can by mopping and blotting. After removing any tabletop items wipe excess water from wooden furniture. Remove and prop damp upholstery and cushions. Place aluminum foil wooden blocks under furniture legs Remove...
  2. W

    Why Should I Hire a Water Damage Service?

    Relying on professional water damage service is beneficial? What are the benefits of hiring them? Please help!
  3. Gregg Sargent

    Charge for infrared cameras on your jobs

    I have been billing $150.00 on every job that we use an infrared camera for over 3 years. Thought I might share this tip with everyone. Since you can get infrared cameras for our purposes for $400 -$1000 now you can get your money right back after a few jobs. Then it's all profit. After 3...
  4. Gregg Sargent

    Gutster Demo Bar

    Just wanted to mention this great wood floor demo tool. I keep one on every truck and technicians love them. In six years no one has ever broken one. Hope this tool can help you too.
  5. Anna Levis

    Downstairs bathroom repair in process

  6. P

    Thermal imaging for water damage?

    Hi All, new here but thought I'd look for some advice. I saw these thermal imaging cameras are being sold at a pretty steep discount on this site and was thinking about grabbing a bunch for my team. Anyone tried them before?
  7. Anna Levis

    How To Repair Water Damage and Stains On Drywall

    water damage and the stains on drywall are the results of a leaky roof. Minor damages can be easily repaired. The following steps will guide you through the repair. First of all, make sure that the drywall is still attached to studs or framing. If the wallboard is broken or sagging then it will...