water damage equipment

  1. J

    Selling used Dri-Eaz Rover HVE High Volume Extractor

    Color is burgundy. Selling for $1700 OBO
  2. J

    Selling used Odorox Boss XL3 Hydroxyl Odor

    Well maintained and asking $1500 OBO
  3. Gregg Sargent

    Gutster Demo Bar

    Just wanted to mention this great wood floor demo tool. I keep one on every truck and technicians love them. In six years no one has ever broken one. Hope this tool can help you too.
  4. P

    Thermal imaging for water damage?

    Hi All, new here but thought I'd look for some advice. I saw these thermal imaging cameras are being sold at a pretty steep discount on this site and was thinking about grabbing a bunch for my team. Anyone tried them before?