1. HouseCall Pro

    COUPON TMF <> Housecall Pro June 2021 Promotion

    I partnered with =AZXaO1nxBMvsrfA3UhhY9WcQvwM9exRLaFPHBWg8TjoT0F87x0EUk3SAZ2prcFrQg2W8y84irDAIElfW_KrRT-7GEgZ6xRnANAuDdONl2obVaAOucLxrn4dfIHBTJ_8JO4GECN9hnRJIqmnJ5k9B1v0n39XU8x06ewJnQbeOPc2ysSdNFLA_PjPV506yyeAA-AY&__tn__=-]K-R']Rob Allen III to giveaway a TMF Exclusive Swivel Wand (a $1600...
  2. Amb326

    Prochem 4 jet Stianless wand

    I have 2 wands for sale. Both are Prochem stainless 4 jet in good working condition. 12" head, 1.5" vacuum. solution screens installed. just cleaned and polished. $300 ea or $550 for both plus shipping. 512-593-1122 Wand 1 pic 1-5 wand 2 pic 6-11
  3. TheBeast

    Prochem quad wand

    Nice condition, soft touch stainless valve, new Parker pressure line, jet extwnders. This is a 1 3/4” wand that will accept 2” & 1 1/2” vac cuffs $395 shipped in the conus
  4. andrewscarpetcare

    Mytee’s 8012ST Bentley Stair Tool Carpet Wand

    Does anyone have any experience with the Mytee’s 8012ST Bentley Stair Tool Carpet Wand? Any pros and cons are greatly appreciated!
  5. IsaiahT

    Best portable for my new rotovac Power-wand

    (Title was supposed to say portable not piety. Haha!) Hey guys, I'm new to this business and just found a steal of a deal on a Power-wand from Rotovac. I'm trying to figure out what kind of portable unit I should use and if I shall have a standard wand on hand as well. Also would love some...
  6. ronman

    Green Glides, a review

    I received my Green Glides glides well over a year ago, and so this review is way past due, but I had some inner resistance to the used of glides. You see, when I first started cleaning carpets, way back in the 70's, I cleaned mostly sculpted carpets, using a Steemex Machine with a clear...
  7. rob allen

    Best carpet cleaning wand ever? (Video)

    Well I can't say its the absolute best with a 100% certainty but I can say it gives all others a serious run for their money. This thing is a beast. Tony sent me one to make a video on how to assemble it as many cleaners could not figure it out. So while shooting the video I took it out for a...
  8. JerseyRock12

    How does everyone feel about Wand Sliders/Gliders??

    Hey guys this is my first posting on TM forums, been following the threads for a while now and it's become something I check and read daily!! Thanks in advance to anyone that takes the time to give opinion.......So before buying my van and truckmount the company I previously worked for had a...
  9. LucasKeenan

    Help! Is this a good deal?

    Hey guys, So a local cleaning company is selling their van and truck mount for $2,500. Its a 98 Chevy and comes with a hydro master, wand, and hoses. It runs good. Only thing is - apparently the fill tank needs to be welded. I could sell my motorcycle tomorrow and get this puppy. Is this a...