1. rob allen

    New Green Label prespray preorder!

    Green Label preorder. Get 10.00 off. "This stuff cleans and smells amazing"! USE CODE: SAVEGL to get $10 off per container as an introductory offer. Green Label is a Super Concentrate that works on all synthetic carpets-tile-uph-rugs for HWE & VLM! Revolutionary new plant-based Thymol infused...
  2. SomeC

    Business growing too fast - need help with VLM equipment

    Hey yal, my name is Peircen and my cleaning business is growing too fast. I do house cleaning and the occasional "carpet cleaning" with a Bissel Big Green push extractor(yes I know it sucks). I am in need of a major upgrade and was looking towards VLM carpet cleaning with the Bissel Commercial...
  3. rob allen

    HWE (steam cleaning) vs VLM (dry cleaning) whats better for carpet cleaning?

    I know, I know it's not technically "steam cleaning" vs "dry cleaning". The proper definition for the acronyms, HWE & VLM, is Hot Water Extraction and Very Low Moisture. But most customers understand it as steam vs dry. Sadly so do some carpet cleaners. Heck its in the name so no wonder the...
  4. Tcoulter

    Getting into VLM, needing advice with logistics of Cimex

    I just measured for a company that wants me to clean 3 massive apartment buildings common areas, mostly hallways. The apartments are for residents 55+, and they are all new, built within last 3 years. I have done massive jobs like this with my TM before, and it was a real hassle. Too long of...
  5. E

    CRB vs OP

    I use a Trinity Spyder... would u get better results if I prescrub with a crb and bonnet extract with the spyder vs using a fiber pad or microfiber bonnet??
  6. C

    New Starter - Feedback on my proposed set-up?

    Hi Guys, I have spent a fair bit of time lurking here, thanks in already for all the good information I have already found. I am looking to start a new business, I currently work in another industry but want a chance with a business that keeps me active and a bit of autonomy. Before I pull the...
  7. E

    Should I buy a op machine?

    I am a VLM cleaner with a portable that doesn’t leave the van much. I use a 175 with fiber pads/brush and then bonnets. I get good results but takes more work to get there. Would you guys buy a OP machine? Or keep the 175 and get a CRB?
  8. R

    Looking for some input on a good Spotter?

    Ok, so I am starting off VLM. I have a brush pro, Orbot Vibe, IPS pro sprayer and tons of pads and Vacaway Chems. Now I need a good portable spotter extractor for the real nasty stuff. I am looking at either the the Mytee lite 8070 or EDIC Bravo. But have also considered getting a full size...
  9. rccva

    Mytee Eco-17 for Sale

    Like new 8 month old Mytee Eco-17 for sale. Roanoke, VA $1600 + packing & shipping. We only used it on weekend commercial work, no residential. Actually looks better in real then in pictures.
  10. RRRyan

    Encap Experiment(pics): Newbie w/ 175

    (Warning: cheap newbie doing an experiment. Helpful criticism welcomed. I want to Encap Carpet clean the carpet in my room. Carpet condition: some black stains, dirty, not super soiled. Here's my tools 1. 175 Clarke American Sander 16 (rented $25) 2. Scrub brush "20 3. Bonnet w/ green...
  11. Carlos Raimundi


    hey I'm new to carpet cleaning i will like to know if anyone know what chemicals to use and where to buy them .i was thinking on buying a 175 with a tank or a hos spray burg any advise on that ? i will be doing 70% residential 20% commercial any advice techniques and tip i will appreciate thank...
  12. T

    New VLM start up. Need thoughts and opinions

    Ok, so I am in the midst of starting a cc and repair business. I have everything I need for repairs and reinstallations. I also just purchased a NaceCare Duplex DP420, similar to a Rotowash. Two counterrotating brushes @ 760rpm with twin conveyer belts that lift the dirt and moisture off of the...
  13. rob allen

    Unboxing the new Gravity VLM by Hos Orbot! (Video)

    Hos has stepped up its game by introducing the Gravity. Basically its the same as the Sprayborg but with a gravity tank. And without the bigger price tag! Love these machines! So much so we became a distributor for them. The fit, feel and construction cannot be matched! Enjoy!
  14. Voxbrethren

    Which 175 Should I buy for Bonnet Cleaning/Encap?

    I need some advice on which Machine I can buy to do bonnet/encap cleaning. I want to get into doing more commercial carpet as well as floor work. Any advice or recommendations are appreciated