1. T


    I'd like to get everyone onboard with sharing pricing. Locally FWB/Destin FL you CANNOT get anyone to share pricing information. We hired a few different marketing research techs last year and they struggled to find local pricing rates. I mean don't you want all of us to be on the same page so...
  2. NorthStarPro

    VCT Composition & Cleaning Advice

    Hi all. I'm currently working in a VCT job that has become a nightmare. The current floor is 6500 square feet of grocery space. The VCT looks to have lost the entire upper hard surface and is starting to powder due to excessive use. These tiles are thirsty and soak up the water, stripper and...
  3. J

    Strip and wax problem- Blotchy floor finish from salt/ ice melt?

    Hey Everybody, So we did a strip and wax on a store last weekend. We had a problem ( you can see the picture attached) with the finish drying blotchy. We did 4 areas, only one area was open to the public. Finish was dry, at least we thought before anyone walked on it. All areas look great...
  4. J

    Large VCT jobs

    Hey guys, So my company has done many smaller scale strip and wax/ VCT services, we recently went out to bid at a large 50,000+ job. So we typically use a standard rotary machine, I wouldn't dream of using one of those for a job this large (we have basically a day to complete it). Any...
  5. N

    Advice on getting new customers

    Hey everyone! So I just started my very business cleaning tile and grout with a portable (we also will be waxing vct floors). I have prior experience from working with Cintas so I know how to do the work. I do need help though when it comes to getting business. I am doing commercial only but I...
  6. Steaminator

    Please help me price out this VCT job

    Hello Friends, I'm looking for advice. I recently got my foot in the door with the biggest university/hospital in my area. Its for Commercial carpet and VCT maintenance. Millions of sq ft. They currently have 7 vendors, but are not happy. They are looking for someone (me) to not only clean...
  7. joesclean

    VCT problem I can not solve

    Looks great after I wax, 3 days later this happened???? Anyone ever see this? How do I fix it? I went back and did a scrub and recoat and that did not fix it. Around every tile it's like the wax did not take.