urine removal

  1. scottgriffin89

    Removing Cat Urine Stains

    Had a job a few weeks ago that we did, homeowner has about a half a dozen cats, and there are cat urine stains EVERYWHERE. We did use Pure O2, and it did remove the majority of the stains, but there were some that were not budging at all. Looking for anything else that might help us out in the...
  2. Joe The plumber

    Extremely stinky wool RUG that has been havvily soaked with urin for a long time

    This is my first off site area rug cleaning so I can use any help that you guys can kindly extend toward me. Ive recently picked up 8x10 (80sqf) 50 years old low quality machine made wool rug that is heavily soaked with dogs urine deep inside and all across the rug also this rug is extremely...